Wednesday, January 28, 2009


CQ Politics | Palin Establishes PAC

and, like the undead, she rises.


Phoebe Caulfield said...

This woman is deluded. Does she seriously think she has a chance? Even Republicans know that she's a joke.

Maybe she'll read up on current events this time before her interviews.

Orange said...

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I saw a poll result on a cable news channel, maybe Fox. More than half of Republicans surveyed hoped she'd run in 2012. (They liked Huckabee and Romney too, I think.) Many Republicans think she's a joke who lost the race for McCain, but many others think she's a terrific candidate. Those people frighten me, frankly.

ding said...

in the intervening time you can bet she'll be prepped. i don't think she'll make the same mistakes again and i think whoever will manage her will learn from the disaster of this past election cycle.

with any luck, her folksy appeal will be completely polished away and she'll be as bland and predictable as the rest of the GOP field.