Wednesday, January 07, 2009

must must must read: beyonce and socially conservative ideology

If You Liked It Then You Shoulda Put A Ring On It: Beyonce and Socially Conservative Ideology « the black scientist

i have a new blog crush. (sorry ta-nehisi.)
the black scientist is awesome. you have to read his/her piece on queering the black family, old postfunk people queering love, the post on implicit and explicit racism/media, and this one on beyonce supporting conservative ideology through her lyrics.

(yeah, i like dancing to 'Single Ladies', too, and i think the cop in 'If I were a Boy' is sssmokin' hot, but that video gives me a feminist rash.

if you were a boy, beyonce, you would be Bill Cosby.)


SiddityintheCity said...

Beyonce. So pretty. So empty.
I have a hard time with her. Seriously, she's stunning, definitely talented in the voice and dance departments and yet.

Every time she opens her mouth, I just want her to stop, close it. I don't know if someone else writes her lyrics or if they're all her doing, but I find I *always* end up arguing with her lines. Involuntary reflex.

"I can have anoooother you in a minnit!"

"Fool, why would you want another him? What do you think got you here?"

Will check that blog out, for sure.

ding said...

that 'if i were a boy' video, when the perspective shifts and she's the nice housewife, making her husband (presumed) waffles?

makes. me. want. to. scream.

that's it? you have no agency at all? you're just going to sit there and mope that you're a ghost in your own house??

at least Pink gets mad and tears shit up!