Monday, December 12, 2005

a frolic too far

so remember how B- (not B minus) didn't respond when i told him it would be great if we could actually appear in public before going back to his bat cave, and then there was nothing but radio silence as a result?

i think i've found the reason: he moved.

but he moved so effing far northwest, it's pretty much going to pound a nail in our frolic coffin. (i know, there are many nails but this one will be pounded in. the rest are just sticking up, waiting to be pounded in.) why can't he live somewhere normal??

i think it's perfectly reasonable to dump a frolic if he's not easily accessible by public transportation.


Mark said...

what about just frolicing with the frolic whenever?

Orange said...

Can the frolic do the traveling, or does your roommate's presence get in the way of proper frolicking?

ding said...

here's what he just wrote me:

You should visit tonight. I'm one block east of [boop] so you can grab a [boop] bus from
somewhere along the red line (boop) or just take the red line to [boop], get off at [boop], walk 4 blocks west to [boop] and two blocks north to my house.

too far, man! too far!
i could get mugged visiting his ass!

Anonymous said...

hmm...why can't HE take the [boop] train and the [beep] bus and visit YOU for some frolicking??

dunno..between the spitting, the lack of smooth lover skills and various social deficits you've cited, this guy seems like a high-maintenence model unworthy of the wonderful Ding.


ding said...

aww. thanks, a-non!

it's hard to get rid of a frolic when it's the only game in town...sad, but true. he is high-maintenance (y'all have no idea) and i just have a hard time having those difficult conversations, face to face.

would that i could be as smooth in person as i am here!

Orange said...

Yeah, but it's hard to have those face-to-face talks when it takes two hours to schlep to his place! He needs to pick his ass up off the couch, go buy some primo lube and a bottle of wine, pick up a movie, and highly-maintain his bad self over to your place. Where you can opt for or against the difficult conversation, as you see fit.

ding said...

this is why i like you, orange. you have a backbone.

i want to be like you and bitch when i grow up.

bitchphd said...

Aww, thank you.

Now, listen up, woman. You're majorly gorgeous and smart, why the fuck aren't men lining up to give you whatever you want? Frolic, footrubs, whatever. Seriously. You have a backbone problem? For real? I'm astonished.

Also, what Orange said. He may be the only game in town, but how the hell are you going to meet guys who aren't so damn high maintenance when you're schlepping across town on busses and el trains and walking four blocks in the middle of the damn night?

Orange said...

What she said.

ding said...

dr. b and orange:

i'm lazy. sigh. 'tis true.
jp can tell you. i'm too lazy to sit B- down and say 'hey, stop spitting on my girly parts and, hey, i'm not visiting you until you move back to civilization. shit.'

of course, hm, i'm not too lazy to schlep... hm.

Orange said...

Gimme B-'s phone number. I'll tell that bozo to quit spitting on your bits. I'll also give him the name of a decent lube or two. Sheesh.

ding said...

in brokeback mountain there was a brief appearance of spitting. it's good for cowboys. but not for me!