Wednesday, April 21, 2004

the other day, ali and i chased fog.

we came back from the burbs and saw a dark gray-orange, fast moving cloud of smoke moving through downtown chicago. it billowed, it rolled, it looked like something exploded on michigan avenue, off the lake or in the loop. hoping for news, we scanned the am stations; they only had news of the cubs game. we looked for panic in the populace; they shopped, clearly ignorant of the disaster engulphing the city. then, after chasing it for an hour, we asked a guy selling M&Ms on columbus drive if there was a fire.

he said, i wouldn't be here if there was!

as we headed north on lakeshore, i looked at the 'smoke' floating between the hotels on michigan avenue then i looked at the lake. i looked at the wall of fog rolling in off the lake. i said to ali, i think it's fog. look.

and we watched as a cloud of 'smoke' settled onto the drake hotel from the sky, shining with an orange glow because of the late afternoon sun.

we were silent for a while while we navigated lakeshore's traffic.
then i said, we chased fog.
ali said, we can't tell anyone this.
i said, we spent an hour chasing a weather pattern.
ali said, we cannot tell anyone this.

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