Friday, April 23, 2004


so my roommate and I are breaking up. i think it was inevitable. i think i knew things would change the morning she woke me up at 6 am to show me the grout in the shower.

not even my mother (who grew up in a poor village in the philippines) did that.

so now we're caught in a weirdly tense, icy household. most of the furniture and dishware are hers, so when she leaves i will be left with my tv, books, cds, stereo, a multi pot, a knife, a painting, a wok, strainer, cheese grater, spatula, soup thing, can opener and everything in my bedroom.

another friend is moving in, one who will never show me grout (for god's sake, that's what the cleaning lady is for!). it may be too soon for optimism, but that's where i am for now.

of course, our habits being what they are, i'm sure she and i will turn into raging alcoholics and become a weird straight versiotn of toklas-stein.

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