Thursday, April 29, 2004


(can you tell it's slow at the office?)

this is disturbing. it's a story of how some of our GIs are treating iraqi prisoners. it's gross and took me by surprise.

last night i had a drink at the duke of perth with J. we talked, like always, about politics and the state of the war. i admitted that my sympathy for the muslim world slipped a bit after seeing and reading about the carnage in fallujah and reading about militant muslims in britain who've called for jihad and declared they won't rest until their flag flies outside 10 Downing Street. i admitted that i think they're anarchists and foolish and unworthy of the name civilized (hey, i also admitted that was a totally visceral reaction to recent events!).

but now my feelings grow more complicated because of photos like this and the story that followed this image. (i'm still unsure if this photo was faked, but the investigation that follwed wasn't.)

it's shaming.

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