Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Like a dieter on a binge, I'm sneaking away from my work to blog a little. The air is too warm and the sun too bright to be concerned with expenses, presentations and keeping Madame on a tight administrative leash.

The news is, as always, depressing: more deaths in Iraq, the 10-year anniversary of the genocidal massacre in Rwanda, more weird economic news (less manufacturing jobs but corporate America is booming!) and David Brooks fails to be funny.

But there have been some bright spots:
1. Comic books: I've been reading these for the past four months and I can't tell you how wonderful they are (though E-treme X-Men really have to lighten up a bit. Too much chatting and not enough ass-kicking.) They give me the best dreams and satisfy my increasing desire to kick someone's ass. Anyone's. Doesn't really matter.

2. The Prince & Me: Yes, it's a film marketed for the pre-teen. Yes, no one is naked. Yes, it bears as much similarity to reality as The Bachelor. But, for some reason, I loved it. I loved it and so did the other 30-something single women and 13-yr old girls in the theater with me. Needless to say, when 13 Going on 30 comes out, I'll be there, too. (This may be a sign my brain is slowly melting.)

3. It seems the Librarian is ... gone. Or, if not gone, then rudely incommunicado. This is a dubiously bright spot (I can sense a stultifyingly LONG dry spell coming along) but at least now -- actually, there's no good way to end that sentence. It's over and that's that.

So. Two bright spots and a spot I'll just have to put on a good face for. Nice.

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