Thursday, April 29, 2004

maureen dowd - why won't you shut up?

where to start?

where to begin to unpack another lame column from sloppy Dowd this morning in the times?

i've read other liberal criticisms of kerry in other papers and, so far, they've managed not to piss me off with their opinions. what is it about this woman that makes her so slappingly annoying? could it be her ability to reduce real ideological differences between bush and kerry to matters of style and comportment?

despite her snarky tone, there is a real choice to be made in the upcoming election. we have a chance to get rid of an administration that's light on policy and heavy on ideology (an ideology that has failed in all ways) and right now our only hope for doing so is Kerry.

if her criticism said Kerry's goals are undefined right now, that's perfectly valid; to call him a weird, smarty pants, flip-flopper without conscience...well, you may as well be Karen Hughes! the ease with which she repeats GOP criticisms of Kerry's character, criticisms that have no substance, makes me cringe and, quite frankly, stirs my ire.

if indeed Kerry 'mimed' throwing away his medals/ribbons (whatever), how is that worse than a president who 'mimed' having intelligence of WMD in Iraq, who 'pretended' there was a connection between al-Qaeda and Hussein, who 'lied' about funding for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and who 'feigns' compassion when his public policies say otherwise?

her columns are coy, fey and only cocktail party clever - when will they reflect the seriousness of our political moment?

god, dowd, SHUT UP.

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