Thursday, June 02, 2005

diddle diddle ding

today...blew. (how can you tell? it took me three tries to spell blew.) went into work early to get a head start of prepping for board meeting and annual meeting; all sorts of things went wrong. (note to vendor: when you fail to do your job three times, do not bother to invoice me.) went to meeting site and set up meeting; attended board meeting, noting that female philanthropists in the city like the color beige; drank white wine while tangling in name tags and registration forms; sold books; broke down meeting; drank more wine; got book signed by local author; walked halfway home, discovered i have $17 in my checking account and am grateful that masturbation is free. got home, said hi to roomie (who, poor thing, languishes with phlegm) and ate a late dinner of leftover homemade fried rice (the garlic content is way too much - for a while there, it opened roomie's sinuses!)

what will i like about tomorrow? i get to wear jeans and i get out of the office at one. (i'm so poor i'll just come home and touch myself.)


john patrick said...

Masturbation is more than just free; it's an investment!

(I don't know what that means)

ding said...

that's ok. i liked the enthusiasm behind it.

Anonymous said...

awww Poor-aa Pooor-aa Ding ....LOL..well at least there's a Martini Party in you future
(Hint Hint Nudge Nudge...hee hee)