Thursday, August 12, 2004


once upon a time i was young and fresh. then i moved to chicago. still young - sort of fresh-like. then i partied my ass off. less fresh. then i discovered online dating. bloom totally gone and now wilting around the edges.

i will be 35 next month. dang.

it's a yay/boo situation.
yay - i have reached the biological point of no return: i can officially reject the idea of having kids, i'm 35! too old!
yay - i am officially WOMAN - mere girls can go fuck off.
yay - i can shop at Saks and not feel matronly! i have entered the maturity age. yay - i have officially reached my sexual peak.

but then there's the boo.
boo - my back hurts when i bend over.
boo - is that a hair on my chin?? is that TWO?
boo - wow, i have momma hips.
boo - my circuit days are over.
boo - i'll be 40 soon.

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