Tuesday, August 03, 2004

the convention has exhausted me so i'm taking a couple weeks off from even paying attention to political news. my outrage-meter stays in the red so, for the health of everyone involved, i'm ignoring the president, the candidates and the awful news from iraq.

instead, i'm concentrating on boys. politics/boys: i think it's a fair trade.

saw the village over the weekend and i think i'm the only person who liked it. everyone's caught up in the 'i figured it out' contest that i think they miss the point. a movie isn't a puzzle. it's not a game of clue. a good movie is supposed to be about narrative - about story, not tricks.

it's a good story. is it the most complex story? no. is it a timeless story? no - it's a fable, people. it's robinson crusoe or any dystopic tale. the marketing of the movie harmed it, i think. it set up expectations of a horror fest that's not there. the structure could have been better. it peaked too soon and so the rest of the film you sort of feel cheated. as for the trick, or the twist - i think it's a victim of the structure of the movie. the reveal could have been more powerful if it had been staved off.

but i liked the story. the story's moral center is a little wobbly but the whole thing was rather clever and sweet. it's a familiar story, but it's a hell of a lot more intelligent than Bourne Supremacy (which doesn't even resemble the book in the slightest.)

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