Wednesday, June 30, 2004

will be going to ravinia tonight to catch lyle lovett. against my better judgment, i'm going to sit on the ground, submit myself to mosquitos and try not to be too critical of my girl friend's new boyfriend. salon had a hilarious article on the Unevenly Cool Couple - the couple wherein one person is unbelievably fabulous and her partner just makes you wince and think, Did he hypnotize her? Is he blackmailing her into going out with him? my friend is way cooler than her boyfriend.

it's not that he's awful. he's successful, well-traveled, dresses well, remembers names and is appropriately solicitous when we all meet for drinks. but there's this nagging sense of...him being an android, faking human life for the benefit of his girl. but he's not awful.

he's just...a pod person.

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