Monday, June 28, 2004

we can build a fort with all the boxes stacked in the apartment.

but the apartment is taking shape and it's rather exciting. the whole place feels so different - more adult, somehow. our cable guy spent 4 hours at our place on friday (a cute little russian guy named bogdan who carried a photo of his girlfriend in his organizer) and our dsl is about to kick in at any moment. any moment... the floors are redone, the carpets are cleaned, i've feng shuied my bedroom, there's food in the fridge and we're marking space on the walls to hang the art. of course, we've come across more things the previous roommate left in the apartment. stumbling over her detritus is eroding any bland goodwill i may have had.

j-- and her boyfriend g-- stopped by on friday night to congratulate us and they brought wine, beer and pizza. the dining table was littered with cig butts and empty bottles all night. someone looking in our windows could have said we looked like a california wine commercial.

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