Friday, June 25, 2004

the move...

is over. roomie #1 has been displaced, after months of silent treatment, sullen packing, and furtive disappearing of furniture. (and no, we still don't know for sure where she is living...though we suspect she's next door. she's like a rumored WMD.) roomie #2 has taken her place and we look forward to a period of creative energy, fabulous food and much wine (and gin, vodka and scotch.)

long live A--, roomie #2!

the movers saw my photo on the wall. they looked at it, they looked at me (just rolled out of bed, in yoga pants and a work out shirt, hair in a bun and glasses on my nose. not wearing deodorant.)

"that you?"
"uh, yeah."
they look at it. they look at me. it's a black and white face shot. nothing particularly special, except my skin looks really blemish-free.
"really, that's you? how long ago was that?" nice.
"maybe two or three years ago."
they not and trudge back down the stairs.

come on - it's early! i'm not showered!
give me a few hours and you can see me dressed for work!

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