Thursday, May 21, 2009


oh. in addition to spock, robert downey jr is *also* my boyfriend.
speaking of which, a historic first is about to achieved: i am bringing NewGuy to a bbq on sunday to meet my friends. after hanging out at Happy Village last night, we sat on my tiny stoop (but at least i have one!) and continued our conversation about the comic books i was missing.

NG: you know, you've got a connection now.
Ding: who?
NG: me! i can bring you anything you need. if they stopped pulling for you, just make your list and let me know. you'll have 'em in a month.
Ding: but i like supporting my local.
NG: do. but i can still get you what you need.

(Ding, frantically reading subtext into everything before she tells her brain to STFU. it's only comic books.)

Ding: um...what are you doing this weekend?
NG: i'm on the roof! with you.
Ding: really! you've got no plans. no parties, cookouts, whatever.
NG: nah. i'm all yours.
Ding: uh, well, my friends are having a thing on sunday, a friend's brother is in town, it's super casual -
NG: i'm there.

(let's stop here. if you trawl the B- archives you will inevitably notice that the world he and i inhabited consisted solely of his rinky-dink apartment on the northside. that's it. every invitation i made to hang out - meet some friends for a beer, watch the soccer finals, come to an election party, spend christmas holiday together - was met with a lame rebuff: 'nah, i'm not really in the mood to be around other people right now.' for. 8. years. NewGuy? he ponies up in 4 weeks.)

NG: i'll be at your place on saturday night so i'll go to my place, change clothes and come back here. we can go together.
Ding: yeah...i thought this would be harder.
NG: Ding, i'm there. what kind of beer do your friends drink? will they like me?
Ding: you're bringing beer. they'll love you.

if he makes everything this easy maybe i won't have to be such a freak about liking him so much.

i'm sorry. what was that sound?
that was the sound of Screed jumping the shark to become the online diary of a 14-yr old girl.



Orange said...

Is it acceptable to merely post this:


(Captcha: ocanti? Yes, I can.)

ding said...

indeed, it is.


No Nonsense said...

I heart new guy already--- he knows he is to bring something when he is going to people's home. I heart him!

Joy said...

Dude, it's supposed to be this easy. Seriously. A constantly drama-laden relationship is a fucked-up relationship. A good relationship is like butter. There may be occasional toast crumbs in the butter, but still, butter.

ding said...

@joy - that's great.

i guess, in the past, drama = 'distraction so i won't have to deal with the fact that i don't really like being around this person.'

sometimes i feel like a relationship moron. (and feel free to agree...) how can i be almost 40 and not get any of this stuff?

Orange said...

And B-minus was margarine. Rancid margarine. The toast crumbs were the most appealing part.

Liza said...

Yay! I love the butter metaphor. Easy is how it should be, especially at first. Yay!

SiddityintheCity said...

:-D New Guy sounds like he's a great guy. Many happy barbecues (and other fun stuff)!

Joy said...

Orange, I love your continuation of butter metaphor into margarine!
Ding, we await tales of the barbeque.

No Nonsense said...

yeah butter vs. rancid margarine was a hoot