Friday, May 08, 2009

Hm. The NewGuy.
Not sure if I want to write about him, yet.
But of course I am.

I'm surprised by a lot of things and if I was still seeing Dr. C-, she'd tell me to explore these surprises.
I'm surprised he makes me nervous. Not nervous in a 'omg, he's going to kill me!' way but that buzzy nervousness of...something else.
I'm surprised at how quickly I liked him. Usually, there's a period of 'wait and see to confirm that, indeed, I am not into him.' I'm into him.
I'm surprised I told him that (of course, waiting until he said it first.)
I'm surprised that I took down my profile on Match, the day after I met him.
I'm surprised that, so far, the incomunicado walls I erected with LTF/B- don't exist. We're usually in contact throughout the day. He texts and I'm glad. He sends email and I'm glad. He calls and I actually answer the phone. I actually call him.

I've forgotten that this is the way liking someone is supposed to feel. If I'm totally honest, I haven't liked someone like this since 1998. And now that I recognize what 'liking' is, what the hell was I doing with LTF??

(But despite all this positive navel gazing, I'm still not going to 'friend' him on Facebook. Baby steps.)


Kari said...

Oh my! I am excited (and surprised) to hear of these surprising reactions. Cheers to the fortune teller!

ding said...

there's a part of me that's expecting this all to be an elaborate con.

there's 'future-sounding' language popping up in conversations and this alarms me - not 'danger' alarm but 'huh? really? a year from now? what?'

anyway, yeah. i have to dig out that fortune teller's card.

liza said...

Enjoy the new thing with all its fun and flittery nervousness. The future language--that's optimism, I like you, we're going to hang out and make plans to hang out. Could be anyway.

Yay for Spring!

No Nonsense said...


Orange said...

No Nonsense stole my comment.

ding said...

ha ha.
i'll be sure to keep folks updated.