Tuesday, May 26, 2009

don't you love long holiday weekends?

the fun, the grilling, the sunburns, the over-indulgence of various alcoholic beverages, the realization that one has a boyfriend...

yes, memorial days are fun.


and how about that supreme court nomination?

the next morning, catching him carefully fold and pocket the scribbled note i wrote with my 1 a.m. food order on it from saturday night.

sunday morning, having coffee on my front stoop with NewGuy, as a friend slowly walks up and meets NewGuy way before i planned.

running the clock down, knowing we have to scoot, but wanting to hang out more on my couch, feet up, listening to the radio and making fun of terry hemmert. (he can't stand Breakfast With the Beatles.)

waiting for NewGuy before the bbq and he walks up, handing me a dunkin' donuts bag because he knows i haven't eaten anything yet.

hanging back, watching my friends slowly adjust to him - some faster than others - and fielding silent text messages of 'thumbs up.'

catching the last bits of some kind of heated conversation with NewGuy, XRoomie and another friend, and walking away. (we're all adults and he can handle himself - and the friends can deal. but note to self - no politics, maybe.)

debriefing on the day at home while we're brushing our teeth (!!) and i realize i'm brushing my teeth in front of a guy, in my bathroom, in my so not hot jammies, sorta drunk and what the hell just happened??

being asked, in his corny, goofball way if i wanna be his girl and i say yes.

so there you go.
Ding's going steady.


liza said...

How cute! He *asked* you to go steady. hahahahaha. I only laugh because you're so supposedly hard. I love that he brought you food. I really love that he kept that note. Yay for being happy!

Gooch said...

He made it pretty clear that you were his woman on Sun. You guys are each other's babies. (direct quote). awesome.

Gooch said...

p.s. we were not talking politics. He was inebriated and talking out of his ass about how we need to love and accept intolerant people cuz it's just the way it is. That didn't go over well with those fighting rural intolerance. But yes, we can deal. Next time hide the Maker's Mark--Les barely got any. Very sad.

ding said...

yes, i asked him about that and he said, 'I was drunk and completely incoherent and then I couldn't remember what point i was making and then I got mad that I couldn't remember and I needed a cig. next time, no more Makers.'

ding said...

and Gooch: *blush*
he said that??
in public?

Gooch said...

Oh, lady. He said a lot of things. But yes. You were each other's babies. He's your baby, your his baby. You will be his baby forever. He's going to love you so hard, etc., etc. T and I were smirking a lot.

as for the Makers--I was just conscious that it was for Brother Ploos and a huge dent was made on the good stuff. G and I were in that weird hostess place where you don't really get drunk, you just call people out when they aren't making sense. We met two Mikes that night.

Gooch said...

Just confirm that he wasn't serious about setting up T with his married friend. That just sounds cruel and crazy. I don't care if she's in Belgium.

ding said...

that was also Makers.

ding said...

oh, and - JESUS!!

(another note to self: no more whiskey for NewGuy. it turns him embarassingly verbal.)

Trope said...


Joy said...

AWESOME! Yay! Yay! Yay!

The destruction of your friends' Maker's Mark stash is a small price to pay to know that the truth serum of drink leads New Guy to articulate his feelings for you. However inarticulate said articulation may have been. :)