Friday, October 24, 2008

privacy and punishment: how much time should i do?

Let's say I'm with my partner and, despite our best efforts, one of his swimmers gets through; let's also say that my right to control my fertility (either through consistent and regular access to birth control and/or abortion services) has been rendered illegal. The right to medical privacy, as well as the right to a safe and legal abortion, has been taken away from me and millions of other women in my state.

How much time should I do for getting an illegal abortion?

Watch the video, read about the campaign here and share your thoughts.

What I noticed? The unwillingness to follow a line of thought all the way to its logical conclusion and, therefore, be confronted with the consequences of what you're really advocating.

To anti-reproductive justice activists, women really are just afterthoughts.


No Nonsense said...

Excellent Post!

But it gets even scarier. Let say abortion becomes illegal and according to their theory, it murder. Murder in some states carries a stiff penalty of life imprisonment or lethal injection. It can also be argued that it was pre-meditated murder because abortions are usually scheduled up to weeks after a doctor confirms pregnancy.

Second the partner--- what criminal charges will he face? He was involved in creating a situation that resulted in a crime.

Third let's say you find out that friend or family member/sibling had an abortion. What's your role, turn them in? If not are you guilty of accessory after the fact?

I mean these people are idiots and incapable of complete a thought, Arrghhhh drives me nuts!

ding said...

in addition to the woman, there's also the medical professional who performed the procedure, the person who takes you to the appointment (accessory before the fact), the partner who knocked you up, etc.

so if you're a married woman who gets an abortion in this world of no legal abortion, your kids are now parentless.

niice. so pro life!