Monday, October 06, 2008

a collection of yays and boos.

Yay - Thanks, Plan B! 'Nuff said. (dodging baby-shaped bullet.)

Yay - To the LiBros I know: happy birthday to JP, Dr. Lee, and Cake of Pan! I'm a little late with the birthday wishes but you knew that about me already.

Boo - Work. Ugh. But so exciting! But, ugh. Stress.

And, yay! Pap smear. Can't wait. Hm. I think I should talk to my OB GYN about more permanent birth control that won't necessitate cutting into me again. Like an IUD or something.

Boo - Ugh. More stress: planning to get new apartment next spring. Budget wrangling sucks.

But yay! More autonomy. Decorating. I don't think I'll get a tv.

And ending with a boo - post fibroid surgery kangaroo pouch is NOT attractive.


Orange said...

You are not allowed (by bossy li'l me) to get an IUD unless you will absolutely be using a condom every time. Those strings can transport STD germs straight into the uterus, which can lead to PID.

That said, I am fond of my Mirena IUD. Knocks the periods down to nearly nothing, and cramps along with 'em.

No Nonsense said...

IUD's not recommended. Thank God for those flirty tops that does wonders for kangaroo pouches (hee hee)

ding said...

Well, my ObGyn did not recommend an IUD. Since I haven't popped out a babeh ever, she said my pristine uterus could expel an IUD like a toothpick. So.

She gave me a brand new scrip for Seasonique, instead. Whoo hoo! No bleeding for three months.

And I love tunic/blousy/Empire-waisted tops. What kangaroo pouch? (wink)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, D., to you (and your pristine uterus) for the birthday wishes here and on Facebook. Carolyn threw a surprise party for my 39th - I was totally flummoxed at first, and it was great fun.


ding said...

Birthday wishes and girly parts all in one post!

I hope your cake wasn't a veritable bonfire of candles. Heh.