Monday, October 20, 2008

eeny meeny miny...tired.

I used to have a fantasy about dating a steady rotation of 3-4 guys who met different needs: the 'meet me at ComicCon' guy, the intense 'good lord, you make me break into a sweat' guy, the 'let's talk about politics and deep thoughts' guy, and the 'you look good in a suit/tux and know how to do cocktail chatter' guy.

In reality, bifurcating desires, chopping needs into little bundles, and then distributing to the appropriate person, is exhausting.

It's like being the understudy for everyone in a play and then, one night, most of the cast gets sick.

Matt Nathanson, a sensitive singer boy whose songs make me want to stab my eyes out, has a line about wanting to drown in his girl's love after getting all woozy about the swivel of her hips. Every time my girl friend plays his CD in her car I groan.

How about just pouring a little cup of love and I'll sip from it at will?

(On the other hand, I will get all dewy and soft for a Ray LaMontagne panty-dropping ditty. Go figure.)

This is not to say that I would change the way I'm organizing my social life. (This one gets the naughty, those ones get the chaste. It actually relieves me to separate them this way.)

But scheduling is getting to be a little bit of a bitch.

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