Thursday, October 02, 2008

i heart joe biden

I'm at a friend's house and we are swooning. Biden did fabulously! Sure, Palin was less incoherent than usual but who cares about that? She still had no idea what she was talking about and sure did a good job avoiding questions.

But Joe! Oh, Joe - you nearly cried manly, patriotic tears! You were firm and humorous and smart and stood by your guy Obama - and you nailed McCain!!

This was a good one, folks. A really good debate that only added to the Obama/Biden lead.


Phoebe Caulfield said...

A bowl of oatmeal would have looked good compared to Palin, but Biden elicited many cheers and claps here, too. He really held his own. Funny, the difference between a serious politician and what amounts to a summer high school intern (I might actually be insulting high school interns, here. I'm sure many of them are more qualified than Palin).

That gay marriage bit was the only thing that made me upset at Biden. But I already knew where he stood. My favorite, though, was when he shat all over her "maverick" rhetoric. Can you really be a "team of mavericks?" If someone leaves the team, are they some sort of super-maverick? She might as well have told us she was starting an anarchists' club.

Anonymous said...

Biden did what an experience politician would do. He is still Biden.Interesting how people are taking up for him now. Sarah is not dumb, just not as experienced as Biden and McCain And probably more expirenced than Obama who by the way is running for the office of president. I guess old joe will be running things.

The debate was even.

ding said...

Phoebe, yes - the gay marriage issue was interesting. She wouldn't say anything about extending legal rights to gay couples and her waffling about 'choosing' ones partner was a bit mealy-mouthed.

I'm surprised that reproductive choice didn't come up at all, though I appreciated her complete ignorance on the issues of the role of the vice president, the supreme court and her complete lack of knowledge on foreign policy issues.

liza said...

I know. I didn't know I liked him so much until last night (though at first his avuncular smile was reminding me of one of my grey-beard, patriarchal hippie retired colleagues). I think he totally hit it out of the park at the end. Absolutely nailed it. I actually think he did better than Obama's first round.

And Palin? While she was very well coached, she surely was tacky and clueless with her "your wife will get her reward in heaven" line. Dude. You don't say that to someone whose first wife DIED.

ding said...

There's something to be said for actual grasp of issues, polish and the ability to express ideas in complete sentences - sophistication, if you will.

The 'reward in heaven' thing was weird. Just - huh?

His manly tears totally reminded me of a friend's dissertation on masculinity, nationhood, national identity and masculine sensibility in the late 18th/earlty 19th C.

Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain the "hate" on Palin? Not that I am for her views on politics I really want to know why so much hate is against this woman?

There were so much to that debate that may me wonder should we be voting for Biden and not Obama and Palin and not McCain? Obama and Mcain's debate was sooo boring I switched the channel several times throughout the night.

This debate was good. He course won in my opinion, but I see that he admire her for putting herself out there to show what she does know and he had to smiled at her comebacks to him several time during the debate. "Old Joe" would be a fool to belittle her, there was no need to. McCain was the issue and he put the emphasis where it was needed, on McCain.

I never talk about Sarah Palin because she is a non-issue. When you really look at it, they all are not qualify for the office of president. McCain and Biden more qualified base on experience.