Monday, September 01, 2008

omg: fire in the neighborhood

It pays to be the crazy lady who stays up waay past her bedtime to read.

Around 2 am, I was getting ready for bed and saw flames coming from the alley across the way. I thought I was seeing flames from a deck so I ran to the windows in the living room.

Shit! The trash behind one of the buildings was burning and the fire was slowly climbing higher. The houses are so close here, it would be no problem for it to spread.

I grabbed my phone, gabbled my information to 911 and began pulling on jeans and a shirt over my nightie. I ran down the hall, the stairs, my flip flops really loud on the concrete. The sirens could be heard just about a street away.

Standing in the alley (our alley behind my building) I watched as the flames grew bigger and reached the electrical and phone lines. Then I began counting how far in the fire was - about 5 houses, in the middle of the block.

My friend, G-, lived in the middle of the block. Running down the street, around the corner, to the front of the building on fire. I pounded on G-'s door, yelling her name. I called her cell phone - it said it was out of service. The condos behind and beside the building on fire began to evacuate. People carried their kids and their pets.

I called T-, another neighborhood friend, to see if she could track G- down then remembered that she mentioned going to DC to visit her brother. Her cat - ? No clue. The fire was soon out in about 10 minutes.

The three engines are leaving now. The street next to the loft is a lake, practically.

SO glad I didn't fall asleep on the couch watching Law & Order reruns.


Anonymous said...

How about fire in politics, did you hear, Palin's daughter is pregnant!!!

Got to love the gracious response of Obama.

-glad everything is okay in your neighborhood

ding said...

i wasn't sure if that was a rumor or not. but if she was, would that matter?

and thanks - last night kept me up awhile!

wade said...

wait... all that and no description of the firemen?