Thursday, September 25, 2008

happy (39th) birthday to me

Birthday resolutions:

Birthday resolutions:
Stop smoking. I had no idea the cigarette I had when I got home on Tuesday night, exhausted, would be my last. Now I know.
Exercise more. Yes, I've internalized our culture's messages about age and beauty and I refuse to be the dumpy, cute, near-40 year old.
Stop procrastinating. Feh, maybe tomorrow.
Be mindful.
Go to church more. (see Procrastinating)
Get more sleep.
Eat more salads - or at least alternate them with the bags of Doritos I love.
Find a tailor. (see Salads and Doritos)
Be open.
Make an effort.
Call the family more often, for god's sake!
Get regular Paps. And get on the mammogram tip, too.
Finish Worst Romance Novel Draft #1 by New Year's. Then sell it and begin to stalk Eloisa James because she is my hero.
Write more. Write better.

(And, because I'm creepy like that, remember Agatha the Fibroid? She who was untimely ripped from my woman parts last fall? You can take a gander at what that looks like over here. Neat!)


Orange said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Ding sans Agatha
Happy birthday to yooooouuuuuu

liza said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

wade said...

I Wanted to call you yesterday to wish you a happy Birthday, but i didn't have your phone number and work kept me out until late so i missed it and i'm sorry but i hope it was wonderful.

No Nonsense said...

One day late---- but Happy Birthday yeah!

SiddityintheCity said...

Whoa happy belated birthday! Best of luck with your list.

I just made an appointment with the renowned Gus of Gus' Tailoring on Ashland. Have you tried him?