Tuesday, September 16, 2008

john mccain = bad judgment

i think today should be john mccain=bad judgment day.

make it the title of whatever blog post you write and then write whatever you want. it's up there; it's sending the message.

for this post, i have about 30 minutes before i leave for the airport and i wanted to vent a little about this election (as if i'm the only one going through fits.)

to the american people - you're still a bunch of fekkin' idjits. really. you're like the apostle paul who was stuck on his anti-bacon thing. how many times did he need to have the vision of the sheet with all the food on it? 3 times before he got the message??

well, here we are, living the past two republican administrations and you're still willing to give those GOP fuckers a third try.

if we get stuck with Gramps and Hockey Mom for President, i'll blame you. you and your home schooled values. (anyone see that SNL skit? gosh, it was hilarious.)

i mean, i frakking give up, you know? you'd think the past 8 years was proof enough that the GOP is venal, corrupt, ideologically retarded and just plain bad for the country. but, clearly, most of us really are too stupid to vote in our own best, long-term interest.

so, as our country's banks fail, our industrial sectors fail, our economic indicators fall, and we wage war on more countries because the Hockey Mom doesn't know why the Bush Doctrine is a failure, i hope you're happy.

after all, you sure did stop those slutty girls from using birth control and killing teh babehs.

frakkin' idiots.
(yeah, i'm pissed off. i'm going to be sitting in an airport lounge while Fox News blares at me! frak!)


Anonymous said...

If the gramps/hockey mom duo manage to pull it off with the over-50 white working-class women voters who are likely to be decisive in this election, if they just can't bring themselves to pull the lever for a black man even though the country is close to literally going up in flames (I'm reminded of that great Far Side cartoon with the "Crisis Center" en fuego, going over the falls)...I don't know what I'll do. Probably put on my precious DVD copy of "Idiocracy," prepare a nice arugula salad, and weep the long night through.

Have a good trip, wherever you're going, D.


Anonymous said...

"Idiocracy" on Fox News:

"And tomorrow night looks even more better!"


Greg said...

I don't know why you keep complaining about the GOP. Sure, things have been bad, but I think they are beginning to see the light. Why just today, although I still can't get national health insurance, I find that I do have national car insurance. It's a first step, don't you think?

ding said...

Perhaps there's hope for the GOP, greg, just like you say. I mean, how else should I interpret the public bailout of all these private enterprises? That's as good as socialism!

@Lee: I loved Idiocracy even though it made me weep for the future. If we're too dumb not to vote for another GOP asshat, what're the rest of us going to do?

(And indianapolis sucks, dude.)