Wednesday, September 17, 2008

excuse me, your freudian slip is showing

Scene: breakfast bar at suburban indianapolis hotel.

Ding: hi, I'd like french toast.

Chef (a congenial pink faced man):sure thing!

(Whipping up breakfast)

Chef: brown sugar? Uh, I mean, want sugar? I mean, how about some powdered sugar?!

Ding: um, yeah. Sure. Powdered sugar.

Chef: I don't know why I said brown sugar! I mean, brown sugar! Ridiculous.

Ding (wondering why he won't stop saying brown sugar):no worries. Powdered sugar is fine.



Anonymous said...

if we get stuck with Gramps and Hockey Mom for President, i'll blame you. you and your home schooled values. (anyone see that SNL skit? gosh, it was hilarious.)

yes the skit was hilarious.

Greg said...

Obviously he didn't know the first rule of holes - when you're in one, stop digging....