Wednesday, February 06, 2008

not like last time

wow. last night was awesome; we stayed up until 2 am watching the returns but we didn't care that we'd pay for it this morning.
12 states for obama; california breaks for clinton (grr - but that's ok!); huckabee makes a surge; romney totally wipes out; mccain takes the lead for the GOP.

we finally have an exciting election cycle.

my favorite line from last night came from paul begala on cnn:
"No one's more conservative than Huckabee! He doesn't believe in evolution, gravity or photosynthesis!"

totally hilarious; we even wrote it on our quote board.
i dreamt that california eventually went to obama with 91% reporting, but alas, that didn't happen. maybe that's why i was so slow in waking up and rolled into work today at 10.

(and, at last, D- has finally brought himself to the point and asked me out. i will allow myself a tiny smile of satisfaction.)


bitchphd said...

Ooh, a date!

(But you know, woman, you *are* allowed to ask the boys out yourself instead of waiting for them to ask you. It's the 21st fucking century.)

jp 吉平 said...

yikes, I don't think "D minus" is a good name for a new potential love interest

ding said...

well, the date happened. nice guy, smart guy, funny guy. on paper, we'd be a scorching couple.

alas, totally no spark. or maybe i'm so skewed by my B- experiences that i have no idea what sparks feel like, anymore.

a friend told me, though, that 'sparks' could be triggers for my issues. hm.

i don't know.

(JP, how about D*?)