Tuesday, February 12, 2008

glamour corrects 'oops' moment...and other things

Your race, your looks: Fashion & Beauty: glamour.com

remember that kerfuffle when a Glamour staffer went to a law firm and told the black women that 'ethnic' hair was a fashion don't? yeah, good times.

well, to Glamour's credit, they turned that misstep into a learning opportunity.

(as for me, today my hair is straight because it's the only way it can fit under my frakking snow hat. once it's warmer, back to big and curly.)
today at the office made me bleed from my ass.
i haven't eaten lunch all day and i'm exhausted.

but i've had time to look at interracial romance novels on amazon. question: why are their covers so beat ass ugly?

(yeah, no deep thoughts from me today. i'm too tired.)


wade said...

i personally prefer your hair when you do it up right, all back-combed and shellacked to the high heavens.

no, wait, that was the girls from the B-52's and Florence from Mels' Diner in lovely Phoenix circa 1982

Miss you!

ding said...

miss you! hope you're staying out of trouble. heh heh heh.