Tuesday, February 19, 2008

glen beck to progressive women: 'eww, you're ugly!'

(video clip can be found at Feministing)

Mr. Beck,

I'm sure you're tired of all the email you're getting in response to your 'ugly women=progressive,' but as with Jello, there's always room for a little more.

Aren't you tired of being a stereotype?
Aren't you weary of that Neanderthalic exterior of yours preventing you from stepping into the 21st century?
Aren't your knuckles a little sore from being dragged on the ground so often?
Isn't your arm a little tingly from holding the banner of 'Conservative Blowhard' so high?
Aren't you a little bit afraid that you're becoming a little bit of a caricature of yourself?

I mean, really. How many tired stereotypes of progressive women do you really need to roll out every time you open your mouth? We're ugly, unshaven, emasculating, humorless, shrill, emotional, too sensitive, butch, dykes, smelly, scary, or the Bogie Man/Loch Ness Monster combined. Yawn.

At least think of something new, you unoriginal, sexist, 'scared of Mommy,' hack.

Best Regards,

(screw politesse. that asshat needs some vitriol. email him at me@glennbeck.com)


Wade said...

i thought i would take a moment to update you to the new terminology making it's way around the left coast.

Dyke is out.

Gayelle is in.

Consider yourself gently updated.

Anonymous said...

beck and his fellow jerkazoids need heavy smackin' down...

I wonder, was there ever any whoop-tushie served up to ann coulter for some of the mysogynist comments SHE has made?

One that leaps to mind is the calling of liberal women "smelly, hairy pie wagons" in the days close to Selection 2004.

She has herself a track record of saying things aggressively anti-woman..I'd think SOME group out there would invite her to have a nice big cup of STFU..

but then, maybe she's so wierd as to not even merit blowback for her blowharding.


ding said...

@wade - until i hear it used in conversation, i'll abstain from using 'gayelle.' (you west coasters - you make me giggle!)

@zeke - you know, i think media matters had an alert when she said that during the conventions way back when, but she's so nutso (like malkin) sending her whup-ass emails is like trying to quiet a feral cat. i mean, really. who can take her seriously? she wants to recover the legacy of joe mcarthy! nutbag.