Wednesday, February 27, 2008

asshat: graeme reeves

Clit Bandits: Evil Gyno Graeme Reeves Brutalized 800 Women Before He Got Caught

i think this goes beyond being an 'asshat.' asshat implies that one, if they tried hard enough, could reflect and reform their asshattery.

reeves, however, has transcended basic sexist asshattery and entered a new category: Mutilating Misogynist Mengele.

and the man isn't even in jail! i haven't read anything about charges being brought against him at all! nothing about criminal liability. he's on the run and all those women (one of whom had her labia and clitoris removed against her will) are left without recourse.

what's even more stupefying about this story is the lack of oversight and action. reeves wasn't exactly alone while he was cutting off clitorii, sexually abusing and mutilating women. there were other people in the room who presumably observed and assisted his mutilating surgical procedures. there is currently a 'task force' in place to investigate how reeves could have gotten away with this but i think all you have to do is look around at his coworkers, his nurses, and fellow doctors.


bitchphd said...

I truly have taken to just lifting all your blog posts wholesale and putting them over on Bitch, but I confess I'm not going to do that to this one because I can't bring myself to click through the link. Ew.

ding said...

when you read the story on this guy and the weird FUBARness that is the Australian healthcare industry you get even more disgusted. apparently, the word 'regulatory' doesn't exist down there.

Anonymous said...
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ding said...

you know? posting his parents' address is SO not cool.