Wednesday, March 14, 2007


i've been a fugitive. for years, i've 'deferred' (avoided/postponed/whatever) my student loan from undergrad and it finally caught up to me today.

the guy on the phone today sort of chuckled and said, 'you're a hard one to locate, actually. i'm glad i caught up with you.'

'yeah, so am i.'

and so he did - from 1992 to the present - whoo hoo! and the principal didn't much rise over all that time. (yes, i already know i'm bad with money. no need to chastise me.)

but, there is a little sigh of relief; in two months my dept of education/student loan debt will be completely gone. why i waited this long, i don't know. it's not like the original $1300 was all that huge...


Golden aka Jo said...

hi found you via Sid's blog.

I can so feel you on this school loan thing! mine is deferred until July and I can't wait to ask them to do it AGAIN! lol

ding said...

i kept it going for years, thanks to grad school.

vive la deferred loan!