Friday, May 26, 2006

he's back. and this time...

no. way.

i open my email and who do i see?

(wait for it.)


he wants to have a drink. ('drink'=sex)

i can't believe he wants to do all this again!


john patrick said...

Ah, B minus. Is he willing to get on a train this time?

Don't matter. I don't have time for him no more.

ding said...

apparently, he is.

it's as inevitable as daylight, what's going to happen, isn't it?

jesus chick said...

no, do tell. what is going to happen?

ding said...

if i wasn't my own worst enemy, this is what would happen:

we meet for a drink.
we discuss (at my prompting) our 'break up' and why, if things are going to continue, things must change.
we have several glasses of wine.
i tell him i'd rather have a relationship than a fling.
he says he's not into that, i shrug, we leave and the B-Ding Cycle of Madness ends, once and for all.

Orange said...

I don't think you're your own worst enemy. Nope, not anymore. Do I have to sing Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" at you in order for you to be your badass self and lay it on the line for the grade-B man?

john patrick said...

If that's what's going to happen, why would you meet him for a drink in the first place?

Because of the possibility of hot make-up sex, that's why. Admit it!

ding said...

i admit nothing!

john patrick said...

You are a chump, ding-a-ling. Chump, I say. Shrug and leave? give me a break.

He wants to meet you for sex. He will say what he needs to say, so he can hit the booty potato.

ding said...

well, all accounts to the contrary, there was no 'booty-potato' from me that night.

was the possibility of potato-hitting there? definitely. but, feh, i just wasn't into it - or him, surprisingly. we met for that one drink, we had an awkward, silence-filled conversation and then, i took the bus home and he continued his evening at El Gato Negro, where the neighborhood trannies cocktail.

i thought the night had a definite 'door closing' aspect to it. so as of this moment, it looks like the hottest summer on record is going to be the longest and most single, as well!

john patrick said...

I don't think we've heard the last of B minus.

I think he will be a recurring character, brooding, playing cards at the Legion of Doom and planning the day that he can overthrow the SuperChic and snatch her sack of booty potatoes.

ding said...

you are gross in a way that only a frat boy can be.

(it was funny, though.)

Anonymous said...

You ahve benn StumblePhotoBlogged hopew you don't mind that is the funniest and wittiest things I have seen in days...