Tuesday, May 02, 2006

ok, i probably shouldn't have called him an idiot

but i couldn't help it. over on my other blog, i've been driven slowly insane by one of the most crazy, mysoginistic commenters EVER. it's strange. i can't even say that i'm angry. i'm not angry at him. he's just nuts. he actually asks to be called Patriarch Verlch.

think i'm exaggerating? read him here:

ChurchGal: Ask your rep to Vote no on S.1955: why? because it's not 1955

or read him here.

and if your head doesn't pop off, i envy you.


Orange said...

He's utterly nutty—he's nutterly! Is it just me, or does it sound to you like he doesn't get any good lovin'?

ding said...

he is nutterly and now he's just making me laugh with disbelief.

love that word: nutterly.

he sounds like he lives in his parent's basement. or somewhere deep in the woods.

john patrick said...
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john patrick said...

he claims to have a subservient little lady obeying him.

Shall we fill his inbox with mortgage spam?

(I would if I didn't have grades due).

Orange said...

I bet the little lady who obeys him is really a spider in his parents' basement, where he lives, and he just imagines that the spider is his helpmeet.

Anonymous said...

A conversation from Vox:

Finally proof that the Patriarch is full of bull!

"My wife drones on all day about work aswell. She even goes so far as to want me to show up so she can parade me around the office. I don't want to go there, these women see the best of me, and I'm sure hear the worst."
Patriarch Verlch | Homepage | 08.26.06 - 4:10 pm | #

Now, I thought about this statement because I have been to the site of Verlch, and he has stated that hiswife is a slob who sits around the house and does nothing...and always has. Then, he says she has a job? Surely, he would never allow such a thing...because of his strong beliefs.

On his blog is this question:
"What does your wife so during the day anyway?"

"Cleans the house. Shops, and makes me dinner."

This poor guy...first he lies to some little waitress in Hooters and now to us...