Monday, January 23, 2006

oh, gack: students get uppity

Hugo Schwyzer: Quick reflection on UCLAProfs

like sands through the hourglass, our university system gets dumber and dumberer. but instead of trying to figure out why college kids can't read by the time they graduate, a group loosely affiliated with my alma mater is truckin' out that old canard: universities are full of lib'ruls - and they're out to get your children!

michael berube has a fabulous post about it here.

i wish we'd had the ability, way back when, to brainwash students. it would have freed up a lot of time; instead of introducing the urchins to austen and bronte, i'd have lost my virginity a lot sooner.

teachers don't think about inculcating young minds with progressive dogma; we'd be happy if the little urchins actually knew how to write a non-plagiarized paper.
we don't have time to cook up ways to bring them over to the dark side; we're too busy getting drunk reading papers on why the japanese deserved to be interred, or why ayn rand was misunderstood or why feminists just need to get laid.
we don't have the flipping time to scheme of ways to get them to renounce capitalism or kiss michael moore's ass; we're too effing busy trying to explain what cultural literacy is.

i wish these people who think teaching college is like touching one's intimate parts for public gratification would actually try teaching a class one day.

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