Friday, November 04, 2005

what's in my purse:

1 marshall fields make up bag containing 3 sanitary napkins
1 red leather wallet with no cash in it
1 red leather business/bus/office card holder
glasses case
black moleskin notebook for journal/story ideas and a place to jot phone numbers
mobile phone
a copy of 'More Book Lust'
3 matchbooks from local bars/restaurants
theater ticket for 'Purlie'
theater ticker for Eddie Izzard
lunch receipts from the past week
paycheck stub
1 pen
gummy fangs
1 chanel lipstick in 'bengal'
1 tarte lipgloss/balm in 'wednesday'
1 MAC lip pencil in 'chestnut'
1 lip brush
house/mail key on silver tiffany ball-thingy
1 tampon (i need to be ultra prepared when my uterus decides to go for it)
$5 in singles for the bus/panhandlers

hm. i need to buy cigarettes.

[if you want to peek into other pockets, hop on over to bitch phd]


Trope said...

Hey, someone else went to see Purlie at the Goodman! Now I must lurk for a while over here. I'll be looking around on my way back and forth the next few weeks, attempting to spy a martini purse. (Really? A martini purse?)
Came over via bitch. ph.d, by the way.

ding said...

dear trope,

thank you for visiting and, by all means, lurk.

i must warn you, though: i have a tendency to lose my temper.

the management

ding said...

oh - and i really liked Purlie! the voices were incredible, weren't they?

though i thought the guy playing Purlie was a little...young. he didn't come off as much sly as not yet mature.

db said...

oohhh. You inspire me to go shopping for new lipstick.

KariS said...

Eddie? Is Eddie coming?

ding said...

db - i'm still trying to find my perfect shade of lipstick. i think i may have found a good combo - a tinted lip balm + lip liner in a shade slightly darker than your natural lip color. lip liner is my new best friend.

karis - no, it's the ticket stub from the last eddie show. sorry to make the blood pressure leap like that.

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