Wednesday, February 02, 2011

snow day!

This is my neighborhood. Yesterday, I scoffed at how bad the weather was but after LSD shut down and all those folks were trapped, and watching how the wind had blown snow to basically block off my street, I take it all back. Blizzaster 2011 is no joke.

However, just one block away, the street is clear, businesses are open and people are going about their way. So my snowbound world is very small. In fact, it's just this one block. Weird.

So I'm at home, 'working' remotely, and catching up on news of Egypt with Charlie Rose. And getting hungry. Dreading going outside for a taco.

How's the Blizzaster treating you?

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Songbird said...

We were all wound up, watching for the storm to get here, but in the end we had about 3-4 inches yesterday and only about 8 today (though a little more may waft in this evening). Making chicken soup, though a taco sounds awfully good.