Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Funny how real life intrudes on what used to be soo important a few years ago. When I first started this blog I was filled with so much outrage, this was the only place I could let it out without breaking down. 9/11, and my mom's passing, made me feel impotent. This blog was something I could control - and something I could share. I'm happy that this space has been one where I can be smart (occasionally), funny (unintentionally) and downright bitchy and scabrous (hey! new word!).

More than a few years later (actually, eight), this blog has slowed down a little but that doesn't mean I'm giving it up. It's just that other things have been happening;but despite all the real-life stuff going on, I still have a finger on the pulse on what's happening in the outside world.

So here's all my political blogging smooshed together:

On the plan to defund Planned Parenthood and the GOP effort to balance the federal budget on a woman's uterus - no; if you were really serious about our deficit, you'd do something about defense and Medicaid.

On the Chicago mayoral race and candidates deliberately ignoring what a structural deficit is and playing word games with the electorate - you suck and you're dishonest.

On the revolution in Egypt - congrats, but democracy is harder than it looks.

On the abortion provider being targeted by anti-abortion activists in Wichita - i think it's time we all learned how to provide abortions; they can't put us all in jail. (That's my official Crazy Thought of the Day.)

On Illinois' frakked budget situation and the continued misunderstanding of what gov't is for: gov't is not our  personal retail location where we are entitled to a product; it is an entity that delivers services that prevents us from living in caves like animals - services that need to be paid for. make the tax increase permanent, for god's sake, and stop fooling around.

Carry on.


Wendy said...

http://www.cwluherstory.org/Jane-Abortion-Service/ - very inspiring and made me want to learn how to perform abortions. My son gave me a hard copy of the history of Jane.

Joy said...

Glad you'll keep the blog going. Btw, is there a way I can follow you on Twitter without signing up for twitter myself?

Delia Christina said...

@ Joy: i think i could probably link one of my twitter feeds to this blog.

Joy said...

that would be cool. I really liked your twitter feed because of the links to stuff I wouldn't have found otherwise. However, I don't know how to follow (or request to follow) a protected twitter stream if not on twitter myself.

Lisa M. said...

Can you come run my city please?

Delia Christina said...

@Joy - darn it! since my Twitter is private now, I can't link to the blog. (sadness) unfortunately, you'll need a shell Twitter acct to follow me.

Joy said...

I enjoy me some substantive procrastination via high-quality links, so I just may succumb to twitter. Thanks for looking into it for me! And again, I'm so happy for your sister. I spent Valentine's Day in family court with a client who is also seeking custody in a very ugly divorce. Her case just seems to go on and on (half a dozen more trial dates set for well into May), so I am absolutely thrilled to hear that your sister got the judgment she sought.