Tuesday, February 15, 2011

for the WIN!

My sister's long ordeal is almost over. Her judgment went her way and it seems she will enjoy full joint custody of her children. Yes, despite MABIL's efforts to reshape the world to fit his 18th century Mexico worldview, it seems the rest of the world has moved on.

But she still needs to rebuild her relationship with her kids (to undo all that has been done - and said, and reassert her maternal authority), and she is now officially a single mom. Things will be tougher; everything will be a negotiation with her ex and there's always the risk that he just won't face reality, turning this into 'Not Without My Daughter, Mexico edition.'  But for now, she is free!

Her strength has been phenomenal and even when tiny wavers shook her spine, she stood through a lot -- threats to her livelihood, her reputation, her family and my long distance, outraged haranguing -- and came through.  Yay, sis!

More importantly, now I don't have to wage a stealth campaign against MABIL.

(maybe when it's not this late, I'll write about what my sister's divorce case has shown me about the inherent sexism of the Nice Guy Who Thinks He's Nice But He's Only Nice As Long as You Do Everything He Says.)


djbtak said...

Great news! MABIL sounds awful.

Joy said...


Delia Christina said...

@djbtak - trying to be as fair as i can...MABIL, when you're not married to him, is ok. his worldview is narrow and he's totally clueless about women, but - again, when you're not married to him - he's generally not a total freakazoid.

He's just a guy - an unreflective, patriarchal, brainwashed, ultra-religious guy.

@Joy - isn't it? so relieved.

liza said...


ps: if that qualifies as "just a guy" we are in terrible trouble. Oh wait.

Songbird said...

So glad for your sister.

Em said...

Yeah I married one of those too. The moment I wasn't sleeping with him the gloves came off.