Wednesday, January 05, 2011


How to bounce back | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

In all my years of blogging, even at Bitch Ph.D., there may have been a few moments where my sharing approached a certain line. I've written about getting my period, mom's death, weight (even giving my actual weight!), race, sex, boys, my new relationship, hooking up and God, but I've really tried to maintain some distance between a public and private persona. Mostly, I've created this line because I just don't want to deal with judgmental assholes.

In other words, there are some things I will never write about.

(Last month, I tried to write about something I'm still trying to process and the post still sits in the draft box. It's too much for here, for me.)

Brava to Trunk for sharing and being brave enough to share like this. I think writing, even for a blog, requires a level of self-honesty and bravery. But -- yikes.

I don't think I could endure this kind of comment.


Tameshia said...

There are parts of my crazy that the world doesn't need to know. That's a big reason why my Twitter feed is locked.

Unless your crazy is your brand, like Dooce/Heather Armstrong, I really don't understand why you would air this stuff. Especially and with no level of anonymity.

I don't know whether to think she is brave for writing stuff like this or, well, just plain crazy.

Songbird said...

Wow. That's a cry for help if I ever saw one.