Monday, January 03, 2011

asshat of the day: MABIL

He didn't show at his and my sister's divorce hearing today. They waited THREE hours for his drag-ass to show up. So now she has to remain married to his janky ass another month and a half! I bet he's trying to find another lawyer to help him recoup from the mediator last month.

Guess who I could kick in the balls right now?


Songbird said...

Seriously? He sucks.

Liza said...

Doesn't that mean he forfeits?

Delia Christina said...

@ liza - unfortunately, the legal system does not work like a PE game. no shows get another chance to show up.

@ songbird - he's a serious jerk. or scared. or completely paralyzed in the headlights of oncoming change.

either way, he needs to show up.