Monday, January 31, 2011

what the heck, carol?

Carol Moseley Braun Says Opponent Was 'On Crack' While She Was Starting A Business (VIDEO):

There are some things one shouldn't do, while running for office:

- be exposed as a girlfriend beating nutjob (hello, Scott Cohen)
- carry on with your filmmaker girlfriend while your wife battles cancer then pass off your love child as your campaign manager's (hello, John Edwards)
- throw your opponent's past drug habit in her face even though she kicked it, moved past it and became a better person despite it (what the hell, Carol?!?)

Carol is off the reservation. I don't know if she thinks she's emulating Daley's charming habit of saying whatever runs through his brain, like the crazy uncle at dinner, but this was just wrong.

And rude.
And tacky.
And graceless.
And .... bitchy.

And also didn't answer the question.


Orange said...

Frankly, I had no idea what Moseley-Braun was up to or where she was living, either. I don't blame Patricia for saying she didn't know.

New theory for why Carol's running: Because her business is a money pit and she's drawn to the steady paychecks and city benefits that come with being mayor.

Delia Christina said...

then she should run for city clerk. look how long dorothy brown was in there.