Monday, March 29, 2010

No one like Mondays. Especially when you come into the office and discover your laptop has been stolen. Along with 4 others.
In other news, M- and I have taken another teeny step toward solidifying our relationship. I know it seems strange to mark progress like this but that's the Spock in me. I need to know that I'm achieving something or it's not worthwhile.

A friend of mine and her partner are looking for a place together and it got us thinking: would we be open to moving in together?

Having just moved out on my own, and also just renewed my lease, I'm not in any particular hurry. And we're both older and stubborn, set in our ways. And we both seem to have different ways of living. What would we be like living together?

So I asked him.
He said, 'Not like now. I'm living in a dusty dark man cave because I didn't give a damn. But if we lived together, I'd really want to make a home with you.'

'You don't think we'd get tired of seeing each other, all the time? Every day?'

'This is why I'm thinking we'd get a large place. A room for us, a room for my stuff, an office for you.'

'What about your collection? Wouldn't you need to touch it, look at it, go through it all the time?' (I know comic book boys. They're weird about their collections.)

He said, 'What am I? Rainman?'

We didn't come to any firm conclusions but now it's out there, on the table between us, ready to be taken up again later.

And this weekend will be Easter dinner with the parents of a good friend and maybe some other of my friends - a retest of the two of us in mixed company.


No Nonsense said...

3 rooms plus a very large closet for his collections to touch, look at and go through, whenever he wishes.

Tam317 said...

We just moved in together in October and negotiating space has been one of the biggest challenges. We share an office, but mostly use it at different times and we share a long desk - me at one end, and he at the other. It's kinda cozy when we are in there at the same time. He has the entire finished basement and a workroom for all the miniatures and gaming stuff he collects because, yes, he likes to touch it and go throughout and I don't want it up in our shared space...

Delia Christina said...

@ Tam - negotiating space is the thing i'm most leery of (that and cigarette smoke). and sharing bathroom space, especially. but, again, it's a long ways into the future (at least 2 years from now) and i don't want to borrow trouble.

but i'm glad we're sort of exploring it. and i'm reassured that the way he lives now (Dark Dusty Man Cave Without Proper Furniture) isn't the way he sees himself living with me. cuz that was going to be a problem.