Monday, January 04, 2010

ringin' in the new year

My liver body has finally recovered from the most kick ass NYE party ever to be thrown in East Ukrainian Village.  What better way to ring in 2010 than to rent a dive bar (thereby giving some older Latina woman a bunch of business she never would have had otherwise) and invite your closest and dearest to drop by and abuse an open bar for 8 straight hours?

M- acted as resident DJ, I was resident hostess and a low-key, yet fabulous, time was had by all.

Generally, this holiday break was a keeper.  One for the books.  But now the fun is over and it's time for me to figure out just what I want to get out of this New Year.  Do I want to be a skinny bitch?  (Not really.)  But I still have to get on the other side of 200. 
Do I want to have a new job? Maybe; I'd really like to build more of a nest egg and have more disposable income. 
Do I want to finally finish that trashy novel?  Yes; I have half of it written!  Only 25k more words to go! 
Do I want to start making money from this blog?  Uh, yes.  (JP, how do I do that?)
Do I want to build deeper, more mature relationships with the folks I love?  Yes, but on my terms. 
Do I want to see my family more?  (Especially my sister...)  Yes, though they are going to give me a stroke.

(Just a word to families of color out there:  therapy is your FRIEND.  Really.  Try it.)

I thought this year was going to be about kicking professional ass but if I look at what I really need, I need a year that will push me further down this road of relationship building and self-building that I've been on for the past two years.  Sure, I'd like to kick professional ass but I don't want to ignore the relationships I've also built and some of which are in flux right now.

What do you want 2010 to bring?


Joy said...

I want to be brave in the professional opportunities I seek out and I want to stop settling or taking the path of lesser resistance.

Delia Christina said...

It's really hard, isn't it? I just found a longshot opportunity in DC that I'm interested in and I need to haul ass.

But if you push yourself just a little, you'd be surprised what you can do!

You can do it!

liza said...

How excellent. The best NYE party I've ever been to was at a local dive bar. Not private, but still convivial and very fun.

I think for 2010 I want more patience especially with my family. (Therapy is your friend, and yet its sometimes a friend who gets ignored) Also, a more realistic sense of what I can accomplish in my professional life. I **always** underestimate how long major projects take.