Monday, December 21, 2009

unmasking Ding

some things will be changing around here.

if anyone follows me on Twitter (or pays attention here) you'll notice that my pseudonymity is just about to disappear. i've decided that i've been hiding my professional light under a bushel for long enough and if i'm going to start going after what i want, i need to start pushing my 'personal brand.' sigh.

for years, Ding/ChurchGal has been a 'brand' of sorts, but i can't really take advantage of that as 'Ding' forever, you know? it would be like walking around in a cowl and hood.

so...this means that Screed will start migrating some of the personal stuff to another place. (can't really build a reputation on swooning over the boyfriend, you know?)

if you want to follow my Tweets, you can still do so here.

what was my new year's resolution a few years ago? Make An Effort.

this year, i'll add to that: Make An Effort and Be Ambitious.

Or maybe the other way around: Be Ambitious and Make the Effort.

or maybe i'll just condense it: Kick Ass.


No Nonsense said...

"Kick ass" Thumbs up!

ding said...

thought you'd like that!

Joy said...

Fabulous. If you can unmask yourself to take advantage of your "brand," I am only too happy. Just please promise you'll keep writing for the anonymous unpaying masses?

Delia Christina said...

I have *no* idea what my brand is, yet, but whatever it is, I need to thump it.

But, yes; things will continue here pretty much as usual. Changes will be gradual as I figure out what I want to become.

It's like I'm a beeyootiful butterfly!

Kimleonard said...

Oh, my wonderful PrincessDing, I've been missing you on twitter and simultaneously wondering who this great Delia Christina who suddenly showed up in my timeline was. The sound you just heard was my palm hitting my forehead, reading your last tweet hashtagged #whatnonprofittaughtme. Duh.

Hey, this is quite a journey you're starting, being out there as you. Cool. (And 1400 calories a day totally sucks. I'm doing it too. Unfortunately, it also works. Try the 65 calorie beer that tastes like nothing. It's lousy, but sometimes better than nothing.)

Delia Christina said...

That's so funny! I gave scant thought to the ID confusion when I switched and tweeted "Ding is dead. Long live @DeliaChristina!" Good way to lose followers, Ding/Delia! But you learn as you go, you know?

Thanks for sticking with me.

And, yes. 1400 is a really harsh discipline for me. But it's paying off, little by little.