Monday, December 14, 2009

sigh: i might as well be killed by a terrorist

Marriage eludes high-achieving black women -

apparently, my 'marriage market' has 'deteriorated' to such an extent i, and sisters like me, are doomed to singleness forever.

we're DOOMED, i tell you.

how come all these articles like this are about black women? how doomed are my high achieving asian girl friends? my over educated latina sisters? huh? why come all this pathologizing of the black women?


looks like M- is my ticket out of spinsterhood.

(just kidding, M-! just kidding! kinda.)


jp 吉平 said...

Haha, maybe the pinay part of you actually IS married...

ding said...

ha ha.

could be. especially if i'm rolling my mom's recipes for him. what the hell?

Dan said...

Quoting from the article:

"38 percent of [highly educated] black women have never been married."

38% is a big number, but it's still a long way from 100%, which means that you are far from 'doomed.' Not to mention the fact that marriage is hardly a guarantee for a happy life with a high standard of living.

You're an individual, not a demographic. Live your life by your own standards - everybody else's are just a mess.

liza said...

These articles are all about educated black women because:
--there's only black and white
--educated women of color are an aberration and must be pathologized/punished
--stories about how white ladies are doomed are old news
--since when does msnbc actually tell us anything useful about our lives as overeducated women of color?
and also: um--what? I *knew* there was some protesting too much. ;P

Anonymous said...

Ding, funny when I write that, I am so glad you have found love, Good to know you doing better at choosing.
May God Bless you.