Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm taking a break from some painful work writing so indulge me an M- story.

He and I spent the entire Labor Day weekend together while I house-sat for a couple I know. It was like a mini-test. Could I spend a whole freaking weekend with a guy and not want to run away?


I learned a few useful things. He loves grilling. He does not mind a little terrier sleeping on his head in bed. (If we lived in an alternate universe where children suddenly became part of the picture, I have a feeling he'd be the indulgent parent.) He will reluctantly leave my side to give a jump to a friend who's stranded on the side of the road at midnight. His desire to do things for me encompasses everything and will eventually exhaust him.

I also learned he thinks Vick's VapoRub can cure almost anything and he has no idea what 'expectorant' is.

We were both fighting off a cold/flu/whatever and I was having a devil of a time sleeping because I would be wracked with the kind of cough that's so hard, tears would pop out my eyes and I'd almost vomit. (Yeah, classy.) He was going to CVS to pick up some things for his upset stomach and asked if I needed anything.

'i need an expectorant or something.'
‘expectorant?? What are you expecting?’
‘it’s to help with my phlegm!’
‘expectorant. ha ha. that's what vick's is for. expectorant.’ And he walked off, shaking his head like, 'you crazy kid with your weird words.'

And, sure enough, when he came back, no Mucinex. But I slept that night smelling like menthol.

We’re not talking about some wacky sci fi invention like a molecular transporter, here; we’re talking about Mucinex. It’s prolly a sign of our book learning differences but that’s ok. I’m learning that when you care about someone, you learn to ignore things.
No, that’s not accurate. You don’t ignore it (you know it’s there) but you choose not to draw attention to it.

When you care about someone you learn discretion.

(and, yes. a growth area is definitely the 'listening' thing. it's uncanny how like my dad he is.)


Songbird said...

But he's so right about Vicks...

ding said...

i had forgotten how useful Vick's is. and, eventually, all the phlegm went away.

liza said...

I love M stories. The Vicks thing is more about class, I think. All working class Chicanos, for example, fervently believe in the power of Vicks, including my now hypereducated mother. If you wanted Mucinex, you should have said, Mucinex (or did you?). But really, my favorite part of the story is "expectorant?? What are you expecting?" I think that might have scared all the listening out of him.

ding said...

"expectorant?? What are you expecting?" I think that might have scared all the listening out of him.

you could be right; while i'm brushing my teeth at his place i like holding open his medicine cabinet and looking at the stuff that's in there: toothpaste (without the cap), loose cotton balls, deodorant (Secret), nail clippers, band aids, hair gel, Vicks, aspirin, and what look like odds and ends that somehow just ended up in there.

his body wash? fruitier (literally) than ambrosia. he said it was for me, but i just use plain ol' ivory. i don't want sparkle passion flower, or whatever it's called. but he seems to like it.