Friday, September 25, 2009

40 is cool

the cool things that have happened to me on my birthday, so far:

M- sent me a Song of the Day just for me! (The Best of Altered Images, 'Happy Birthday')
XRoomie sent me a few JibJab cards featuring my face that are preventing me from working.
FB friends have covered my Wall with well-wishes.
My coworkers are doing Indian lunch with me.
I paid a couple of bills.
M- said my present arrived and he needs to wrap it. (See? No ring!)

And my dad said that he's changed his mind about the whole Israel-Palestine thing. (My dad is thisclose to becoming a radical in his later age.)


Orange said...


Old high school friend of mine recently friended me on Facebook. Turns out she lives in a West Bank settlement (probably one of those things that's technically illegal and makes the Palestinians rightfully suspicious). Unfriend or just ignore? It feels creepy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ding!!! Enjoy your day....Love the blog

No Nonsense said...

Happy Birthday! And I agree with Orange about the ring hee hee.

@Orange keep her as a friend and slyly convince her "dat ain't right!"

Orange said...

No Nonsense, dang, I missed my chance to post happy Eid wishes to my Muslim Facebook friend(s).

Trope said...

Happy birthday, bitch! (in response to PHD's post).

Hey, you want to be a "next generation" person for next year's Roe event? Let me know.

Hope the rest of today was great...

SiddityintheCity said...

Hey, happy birthday! Sounds like it was full of fun and deliciousness, as birthdays should be :D

Dan said...

Happy Birthday Ding! Glad you had a fun day... enjoy your new art!

Songbird said...

Happy Birthday!!

ding said...

@Trope - what's a 'Next Gen'? is that a euphemism for old? (just kidding) of course! i love that event. puts ours to shame.

@everyone - thanks you guys! it was a terrific weekend and i'm still sort of buzzing off it.

it's all uphill from here, right?

Trope said...

Hey, Ding... no, I think "next gen" means younger, or at least slightly less fund-raisey. Somewhere inside the age gap between our standard donor's age and our standard client's age. It's still a committee, and it still involves fundraising, but it's probably (hopefully!) going to involve a pretty cool group of people.

I'm slowly getting over the fact that next year it's not at the Ritz (they are renovating) but I'm sure it will still be swanky.

If you're interested in the next generation committee, email me. I have a gmail acct and the name is ezemke.

Cool? Cool!