Saturday, July 11, 2009


This is a dream I had the other night:

I was on a speaking tour with two other colleagues and were waiting for our
panel at UCLA. [Note: yes, this is probably some work issues bleeding through.] We were standing in front of Anderson Hall when someone called my name.

I turned and it was B-. He looked different - dyed blonde hair, tweed jacket over a loose t-shirt and surfer pants. He was really tanned and looked a little beat up, like he was coming down off a days long drug binge.

My colleagues looked startled and I said, 'uh, hi B-.'
He asked to speak to me and after a hesitation I said yes. At which point, he shoved me into a waiting car and drove away.
I said that people were expecting me, I had a speaking engagement and he needed to drive me back. He said he just wanted to talk and I kept repeating he needed to take me back; there were people waiting for me.

So he did. When I got out the car and he drove away, my two colleagues were looking freaked out and I said it was ok. Nothing happened. And then we went back inside to wait to be called.

And that's the dream. That's it.


Orange said...

NewGuy would never shove you into a car. He might lure you into a car in order to take you somewhere fabulous, mind you.

Joy said...

Orange is absolutely right.

jp 吉平 said...

I never liked B minus.

ding said...

@JP - deep down inside, i didn't either.

@Orange - i don't know about 'fabulous.' but offbeat and weird? sure. which is still better than what B- had.

@Joy - yeah; Orange is a wise woman.