Monday, December 22, 2008

what she said: the freakily accurate tarot lady

Scene: friday late afternoon - dimly lit nightclub - office party - tarot reader's table

TarotLady: love your glasses!
Ding: thanks!

TL: so this will be a brief reading for the next 6 months or 1 year; we can talk about relationships, work, health, family. whatever you want.
Ding: i've been dealing with work all week so how about relationships.

TL: think about what you want to know and shuffle these.
(Ding thinks and shuffles)
TL: (slapping down cards) hm. are a relationship?

Ding: it's (sigh) complicated.
TL: i'll say. (looks at all the upside down cards) is he married? involved? somehow not available? i'm getting that someone is really wrapped up in their career.

Ding: uh, that would be me. and no, he's just as single as i am. though he could be seeing someone else, i don't really know. (shrug)
TL: huh. this has been happening for a long time now, hasn't it? like a merry-go-round. but there's something there. intensity.

Ding: yeah. you could say that. it's been...7, 8 years? we actually have a lot in common and works. it's like having a long distance relationship but in the same city.
TL: i see. (slaps another card down) well. not for long. you two have an old soul thing going on but it's more habit than anything else. and 2009 is when you break the habit.

Ding: really?
TL: oh, yes. you break the habit. (another card) you move on. you learn what you can, and you're very sefl-aware, you know what's happening, and what you've been practising for happens in 2009. this guy is gone by march or april. march.

Ding: huh. wow. and there's someone else?
TL: yes. (slaps a card down) the one you actually want. the one you don't have to hide from your friends.
Ding: whoa.

TL: yes. he actually wants to be in your life, meet your family, friends, talk with you, spend time with you and will make the effort for you. but you know that you don't get married, right?
Ding: really?

TL: oh, yes. (slaps another card down) you don't get married. you'll be committed, but you're not the marrying kind. so if that was what you were hoping for, it's not in the cards.
Ding: no worries. (actually feeling some kind of relief)

TL: it'll be something that you and he understand. very unconventional and non traditional because that's who you are.
Ding: wow. thanks.
TL: you're not really surprised by this, are you?
Ding: no, i kinda knew. except for meeting someone new.

TL: 2009. it'll be a new year and you'll have a serious change.
Ding: good to know. do you have a card?


Atalanta said...

Dude! Here is to the 'one you actually want - the one you don't have to hide from your friends!!!'

ding said...

i know! that's what made it so freakily accurate.


Rona said...

*does* she have a card? unless she travels, i think i need to get to chicago.

Sid said...

I'd take that business card, too!

Anonymous said...

What!, you went to card reader? I been telling what she told for years, just reading your blog reveals a lot about you. Just think I could have been paid for analyzing your life. She said no marriage, wow. Your career is all you have. so sad.

live Ding.

ding said...

Maybe if you read closer you'd see that I've never been a fan of marriage. But, as always, Anonymous, thanks for sharing your particular brand of prudish judgment.

Anonymous said...

No judgement, I only wish the best for you. I have a question for you, let say this new person, the one you can take home to family appears and you fall in love, will you marry him if he ask? What are you afraid of? I'm not saying that everyone should marry.

ding said...

Your career is all you have. so sad.

if someone said this to my face, it would be construed as, and treated as, judgment. you can keep your faux best wishes, thanks.

hypotheticals are pointless. all i can say is, if i was asked right now, i'd say no. in 20 years, who knows? i could be mentally addled and, in that condition, saying yes would make sense.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is sad Ding to put everything into a career. Sending you good vibes for 2009.
You would married, I know you would.

ding said...

and this is why our exchanges are perpetually frustrating: you don't listen.

is it that you don't listen to anyone or just women? hard to tell, since i don't know you.

not everything is going into my career. am i focused on it? yes, indeed. i love my career and i'm fucking good at it.

but i'm putting time and care into my writing, my friends and the other things i care about.

i just don't care for marriage or seeking marriage like it's a fucking prize for being a good girl.

so, sadly, i'll have to return your good wishes unopened. i don't trust the good wishes of folks who don't take women at their word.

Anonymous said...

ok, ok, I hear you LOUD and clear. Sitll sending you good vibes in 2009. I heard you, some women lie to themselves about what they really want.I'm not say you in particular, just my experiences with the other, marriage is not a prize, agree. "just put a ring on it"????(smile)

ding said...

well, beyonce's lyrics and their retro-conservative messages are a whole other thing.

(see the beyonce post above.)

have a good 2009, anonymous.