Monday, December 15, 2008

intimacy = epic fail

what a weird day: shoes thrown at Shrub, a good friend let go from my office, massive project about to descend on my shoulders and having weird, sudden, totally bizarre and *couple-like* thoughts about giving a christmas token (ok, gift, whatever) to LTF (Long Term Frolic) who would probably freak if he knew what i was thinking.

exchanging gifts is what couples do.*
LTF and i are not a couple. but i'd like to acknowledge the years (count 'em) we've known each other, show that i'm fond of him and to wish him a good holiday.

or is this guilt?**

what do you get someone who's been your lover for the past 7-8 years but who you've put in a tiny little box and never invited to meet your friends, family, spend a night at your place or read a single piece of your writing? (all 5 of my readers see more of my life than he does.)

a poinsettia? an ornament? an itunes gift card? a set of plushy bath towels***?
* Not that i'd expect anything in return. geez, no.
** Which is what my old coach, Dr. C-, would ask me to explore. But I won't.
*** Or is that too girl-friendy, even though he really really needs them?


Orange said...

Do you ever shower at his place? If so, then get the towels!

liza said...

I second the towels. Or sheets. But then that might seem too coupley. I am SO the wrong person to be offering advice on the not-coupley gift. How about a sex toy? Or something in that genre...

Phoebe Caulfield said...

sex? sex is probably a good gift. I'd go with sex.

No Nonsense said...

I vote for poinsettia. It's not a "forever" gift and if it's missing when you go over an excuse of it died is expected. Besides it one that you can give in a very matter-of-fact tone.

ding said...

i do shower at his place but i hate it because his towels are abysmal.

sex toys...strangely enough, that would make me blush.

sex...true, but how to make it 'holiday special'? be a naughty elf?

poinsettia...he has cats. i'd hate to kill one of them if they nibbled the plant.

i think i'm leaning towels.