Wednesday, December 03, 2008

good lord. what is this??

WHY, sweet jesus, why??

i'm serious. why?


Orange said...

Does this video pertain to...something? Something big-budget that means something to someone? What is it? I don't understand. Who is Chris Dane Owens and what shade of lip balm/gloss is that? It's pretty, but maybe a little too pinky-pink for me.

SiddityintheCity said...


Love has enemies.

Aside from the fact that this is a solid 2 minutes too long, this tomfoolery just *made* my morning. This is what happens when a fully loaded macbook pro falls into the hands of utter amateurs with a hankering for GREATNESS!

Mind if I cross-post?

Also, Thank you. How on earth did you come across this?!

ding said...

we can all thank my Roomie for this, and the comic book boys she works with. they spend the better part of the day sending clips like this to one another.

be thankful i didn't post the link to TekknoViking2000. (just You Tube it. it's baffling.)

liza said...

Come back Army of Lovers, all is forgiven.
Peter Jackson, the 80s and ren fairs (or is it renn faires?) have a lot to answer for.
Still, I watched the whole thing. It kind of reminds me of what those SNL digital shorts are going for. But this is the real deal, baby. Shine, indeed.

ding said...

i have never been to a renn faire so i'll have to hold back on pointing the finger. but i suspect you are correct, faire damsel.

the kissing really skeeved me out, though. i think i'm turning (back) into a prude.

Liza said...

I've never been to a renn faire either, but lord knows we've all seen their fans.

As for the kissing, I found his hand gesture/caress truly bizzare. Like he's showing off his ring. But mostly I kept thinking: is star girl the love interest? Wait, she's not the same one in the hood. Wait. How did he trick so many young women into being in this? Were they paid? His friends? Gullible young things who wanted to be *famous*?

SiddityintheCity said...

The kissing was really, really creepy. I had to look away. It's not just you being prudey. Something was wrong there!

ding said...

so glad it wasn't just me skeeved out by the kissing.
and could someone explain the narrative to me?

were they pirates? (and who were those other dudes?)
were they knights?
and why come he had a mustache and sometimes not?
and dragons during the crusades?? really?

though i was sorry there was no unicorn.

Atalanta said...

Oh lord - there was so much happening there that I didn't even think to miss a unicorn until you pointed it out and now all I can think is 'hey - why *wasn't* there a unicorn?!?!'

SiddityintheCity said...

Damn you, Chris Dane Owens! Damn you and the unicorn of cliche you failed to ride in on!